Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Top State Republicans Blast Trump Tariff

Top State Republicans Blast Trump Tariff

Senate Republicans were by-and-large unified in their opposition to the new 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports that Trump announced last Thursday.

Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who chairs the Senate Finance Committee and who has enjoyed a close relationship with Trump, called the president's latest move policy "misguided". The president said USA political leaders preceding him had allowed the decline of manufacturing in the nation, and cited a protectionist predecessor, President William McKinley, in defense of the tariffs.

Asked if he thought another Mr. Trump should receive a primary challenge, Mr. Flake replied, "Yes, I do".

President Trump has reiterated that he is not "backing down" on the tariffs.

"If we don't trade, we don't grow".

Europe and China lashed out against the president's tariff plan.

"Tariffs undermine free markets and free societies, whether they are imposed across the board or are narrowly tailored to manipulate certain sectors of the economy", Phillips said in a statement. Trade wars are not won, they are only lost. "For 40 years they couldn't pass anything", Trump added.

Trump said he was "defending America's national security" by imposing the tariffs. "These could be a lethal blow to all the economic success this administration has ushered in".

Republicans were among those opposing the duties, joining economists and other nations in warning that they could start a global trade war.

Just days ago, OregonLive published a list of potential Republican contenders who could square off against Trump. I understand that it's a challenge on the campaign trail, certainly, it's often easier to point to a shuttered factory and blame trade or immigration or some other convenient scapegoat other than what is usually the case, it's modernization or mechanization or something that has meant that we have increased productivity-productivity or the best allocation of capital to facilitate trade.

Josh Bivens, the director of research at the Economic Policy Institute, wrote in an op-ed at the New York Times ahead of Trump's announcement that backlash to the plan is "reflexive anti-Trump sentiment rather than careful economic reasoning".

American steelworkers "cheered the tariffs" as a benefit for their industry.

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