Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Free Remasters on Steam

Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Free Remasters on Steam

Realtech VR has announced that it will release remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3 on Steam. Publisher Square Enix recently came under fire for releasing a remaster of Chrono Trigger to PC, only for that to turn out to be based on the mobile version, which caused the game to actually lose its visual charm in places.

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The new 3D Engine has been rebuilt to the latest OpenGL platform and comes with a better post system (improved lighting simulation, environmental shading, and more), and support for both Windows 7 and Windows UWP.

The news was revealed by Realtech VR on Twitter.

Even though Tomb Raider: Anniversary is already a thing on Steam, which is basically a remake of the very first Tomb Raider game, with a revamped story, retouched graphics etc.

We sat down with Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander to discuss everything from grunts to stunts in the lead up to the release of Tomb Raider.

Furthermore, these remasters properly support Xbox 360/One controllers, include the Unfinished Business & The Golden Mask DLC packs, and come with numerous bug fixes. You can have a look at the trailer of the remasters of the first two games below. OpenVR support is also promised, though the extent of this support is not now clear. It has already finished the first two games and is now working on Tomb Raider 3.

TR1-3 remaster for PC are planned for Steam for free and will requires the purchase of the DOS version being sold on Steam (like ZDoom playing Doom games).

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