Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

Teddy Bridgewater signs with New York Jets

Both players are on one-year deals, so they still haven't found their long-term solution at quarterback.

With few options remaining in free agency, the Jets opted for the devil they know (Josh McCown), while still considering signing the one they don't (Teddy Bridgewater).

Bridgewater was looking like a franchise player in Minnesota before suffering a terrible knee injury in training camp two years ago.

But the Jets came up empty on reeling in the big fish, Cousins, who went to the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, Bradford intends to sign with the Arizona Cardinals while Keenum is expected to take the job with the Denver Broncos.

Whether or not this means the Jets do not draft a quarterback sixth overall is yet to be seen. The Vikings have since moved on to Kirk Cousins, while Bridgewater lands in NY with a chance to prove everyone wrong. Josh McCown signed a $10 million deal to be the starter, but Bridgewater learning under his guidance is the best thing for him.

Last season, the Jets were paced by the veteran signal caller McCown, who accounted for 2,926 yards and 18 touchdowns in contrast to nine interceptions. NY were surprisingly competitive during the season and went 5-8 in games he was under center.

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