Published: Tue, March 27, 2018
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Supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel

Supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel

Roseanne Barr and the cast of the Rosanne revival are celebrating the show's long awaited premiere! 'It got a lot of attention.

Barr then claimed no one, "no matter who we voted for", wants to see Trump fail. Everybody was in, and so then it went from a special to a series and we had a deal in three weeks'.

"I think you accused her of being a murderer, didn't you?" asked Kimmel.

"For some reason I thought I read something years ago that Roseanne said she didn't want to touch the original so I had assumed for all these years there was no way to do it", Gilbert said. "I'll tell this part: Sara was beating the hell out of him, and [someone] called the [child] welfare and they came in to protect him". In the final episode, Roseanne reveals that Dan had died.

Roseanne Barr would be happy to screen the new Roseanne reboot for Trump in the White House, the actress told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday. "I wanted to go for the whole zombie thing". Lecy Goranson, who played Becky Conner, said it was easy for her to get right back on the set. "I felt like once we were back together, it just felt complete". "I would hope that he would have good food".

Well, that got awkward - especially for poor John Goodman. "I have a home here and keep it right there on my piano". "I'm out in the garage drinking".

"You're expressing your views, as insane as they may be", Kimmel said. This plot point causes great division among her faux family, which is also true for the comedian when the cameras aren't rolling. "It has so many more layers now because of the true history".

The 10th season of "Roseanne", which premieres Tuesday night, now has a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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