Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Stormy Daniels offers to return money to speak openly about Trump affair

Stormy Daniels offers to return money to speak openly about Trump affair

Lata Nott, executive director of the Newseum Institute's First Amendment Center, said the president's lawyers would have to convince a court that "whatever is about to be aired would cause immediate, irreparable harm to the U.S. If the Pentagon Papers didn't meet that standard, can't imagine that this "60 Minutes" segment with Stormy Daniels would".

Last week, Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of Daniels against Donald Trump with hopes of invalidating an agreement she signed in 2016 to keep quiet.

The White House - which has repeatedly denied the alleged affair - declined to comment.

By returning the money, she wants clearance to release text messages, photos, and videos that would provide evidence of the affair.

The president has insisted that there is no truth to allegations he cheated on his wife. In an interview with the "Today Show" about that suit, he said Daniels would be willing to return the money if she were to win.

She made the offer in a letter her lawyer sent Monday to Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen, the New York Times reported.

Stormy Daniels offers to GIVE BACK $130000 hush-money payment from Michael Cohen – IF she's allowed to talk
Stormy Daniels offers to return 'hush agreement' money to end silence

Avenatti told NBC on Monday: 'This has never been about the money'.

Avenatti gave Cohen and Lawrence Rosen, another attorney working on the NDA dispute, a deadline of noon Tuesday to respond to his offer.

Under the terms of the deal detailed in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, the contract ensuring Clifford's silence would be "deemed null and void" once she returned the sum called for in her original contract. "The designated judge from the arbitration tribunal found that Ms. Clifford had violated the agreement and enjoined her from, among other things, filing this lawsuit".

Recent reports have suggested that the Trump team is preparing legal action to prevent Clifford from conducting an interview with 60 Minutes.

Using the pseudonyms Peggy Peterson and David Dennison, Daniels and Trump were to sign the agreement, along with Essential Consultants.

The affair is said to have happened between 2006 and 2007, when Melania Tump had just given birth to the married couple's only child, Barron. Definitely not exchanging romantic emails with the Tiffany's bodyguard at Trump Tower as we speak!

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