Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Saskatoon police issue warning about alleged drug dealer after fatal drug overdoses

Saskatoon police issue warning about alleged drug dealer after fatal drug overdoses

Two people died as a result of the overdoses and four were taken to hospital, prompting the Saskatoon Police Service to issue a warning to the public.

In order to make members of the public aware of the potentially unsafe substance, police released the street name and the phone number of the drug dealer suspected of supplying the drugs.

The Regina Police Service isn't aware of any local presence of the particular product that caused several overdoses and two deaths in Saskatoon on the weekend.

Three men from out of province, who are suspected of selling the drug, are in custody.

Saskatoon police issued a statement Sunday warning customers of an accused drug dealer that cocaine they purchased might be laced with fentanyl.

Those facing drug charges are from Barrie and the GTA.

"The people who are addicted to drugs, they need treatment and they don't need charges", Haye said. The move was done in consultation with provincial and federal Crown prosecutors.

Police added that they are "not searching to pursue charges for being in possession of this cocaine" and that they are only interested in the public's safety.

But he also said the provincial government should do more to help people with mental-health problems and addictions.

"We believe that the public-safety interests are of the greater need here", he said.

"Our message to people, in a general way, has always been the same, that anyone who's engaged in using illegal drugs is taking a risk because there are no quality controls for those products", she said.

Three other people were arrested on outstanding warrants and six others were released.

Police, including members of the Tactical Support Unit, searched a home in the 100 block of Pawlychenko Lane, where a 29-year-old man was arrested.

Investigators say they found crack cocaine, crystal meth, fentanyl, and heroin.

Saskatoon police Supt. Dave Haye said it's the first time he's aware of the force releasing that type of information. "Whether one of them is using that name or not, I'm not sure right now".

The investigation is still ongoing. Once Major Crimes has concluded their investigation, they'll be forwarded to Crown prosecutors to determine if further charges, like manslaughter, could be charged.

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