Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

Register for Early Access — Westworld Mobile Game

Register for Early Access — Westworld Mobile Game

The project was still in the testing phase and WB Games had released no details.

Thankfully, WB Games finally revealed their plans for the game at SXSW 2018. And that's because the game is another mobile management simulation.

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Other than the above information, little is known about the game so far, though WB has released new screenshots, giving us an idea of what Westworld's mobile game will look like.

The mobile experience will be available to both iOS and Android (through Google Play) users, and, as a bonus for pre-registering, users will be able to get a number of extra in-game items, including a code that will allow them to use Lawrence as a host.

Warner Brothers will work with Westworld producers and writers on the game, which is meant to "complement and augment the rich depth of the series", according to a statement from WB.

According to a statement, the teams are working closely with the TV show's writers and producers to develop a game that feels right at home in the twisted world of Westworld. As the game progresses, you'll eventually take over all aspects of the Westworld park operations, "including manufacturing and care-taking of artificially intelligent hosts and satisfying guest desires".

The Westworld game - which is based on the current HBO adaptation of Michael Crichton's work - puts players in the role a newly hired Delos Trainee, and not, say, the Man in Black, or even Teddy. From there, the player will have access to the Delos Park Training Simulator. You can also check out a short trailer for the game posted down below.

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