Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Philips Hue outdoor lighting range detailed - coming this summer

Philips Hue outdoor lighting range detailed - coming this summer

If you're looking for wall mounted fixture lighting then you'll be interested in the Philips Hue Inara ($49.99, 800 lumens), Lucca ($59.99, 800 lumens) or Ludere ($129.99, 2600 lumens) - and Philips also has a dedicated outdoor bulb - the white PAR38 ($29.99 each or $49.99 for a two-pack, 1300 lumens).

Back in January, Philips Hue announced it was working on outdoor smart lights ideally suited for patios, gardens, or balconies.

Philips has produced outdoor lighting in both the white and white and colour ambiance ranges, meaning there are plenty of ways to highlight key areas in your garden.

Like all Philips Hue products, the Philips Hue outdoor range is fully compatible with the Philips Hue ecosystem and works in the same way as the indoor range. Like Philips' indoor lighting lineup, the outdoor IoT-connected lights can be controlled by your voice or Hue app once connected to Philips Hue bridges. Existing indoor Hue lighting has starter packs from under $100, with add-on bulbs and accessories from $25. With the Philips Hue app, you can turn your outdoor lights on or off remotely or schedule them to automatically switch on at specific moments in the day.

The lights can also be triggered by the Home & Away function in the Hue app, which uses your smartphones Global Positioning System to automatically turn on the lights when you arrive home. The spotlight Philips Hue Lily costs $270 and comes with three lights, while the Calla is $129 and is created to illuminate pathways - both have access to 16 million different colors.

Philips Hue products are going outside. They will be available in Europe and the United States in July. The Lily and Calla lights will be available in Europe and the USA for $280/€299 and $130/€140 respectively, while the Hue White lamps will be priced from $50. As WiFi range and consumer demand increases, products such as these will become more available. The Calla bollard will retail for Dollars 129.99 / Euro 139.99 as base unit pack.

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