Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Medicine | By Douglas Stevenson

Missing employee received early promotion — CDC

Missing employee received early promotion — CDC

Crime Stoppers said the money is for information "that points to criminal activity in the disappearance".

Police told CBS News the information they've received was from the CDC.

The Washington Post was among the publications that reported on Timothy Cunningham allegedly going missing due to work-related issues, writing earlier this month that the CDC doctor vanished not long after he was told he wasn't going to get promoted.

APD Sgt. John Chafee responded to the CDC's statement that that information was incorrect, telling The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "We stand behind every statement the Atlanta Police Department made about Dr. Cunningham's employment, as our information came directly from the CDC".

In early March, multiple media outlets reported Dr. Timothy Cunningham, team lead for the CDC's division of population health, met with a supervisor February 12 to discuss why he hadn't received a promotion the week before he went missing, citing comments from an Atlanta police official.

Dr. Schuchat's statement goes on to read, "Cunningham received an early promotion/exceptional proficiency promotion to Commander effective July 1st 2017".

Cunningham held a meeting on February 12 with his supervisor, O'Connor said in the February 27 briefing. Cunningham was told the previous week he was not getting the job, O'Connor said. "He told several co-workers that he was and that he was expecting this promotion". His auto, keys, wallet, phone and dog were all at his home.

"He tells the supervisor that he's not feeling particularly well", Atlanta police Maj.

Cunningham, 35, works as a team lead for the CDC's Division of Population Health.

The article said he was continuing on his family's path into the medical field; his father was an Air Force nurse for 30 years, and his mother worked for the state health department as a program manager.

"We have not given up hope that he will soon be found", Schuchat wrote.

They continued: "Over and above any of his assignments at CDC, his early promotion within the USPHS reflects his excellence as an officer and an employee".

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