Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Merkel elected 4th time German chancellor

Merkel elected 4th time German chancellor

The same parties have governed for the past four years but Wednesday's parliamentary vote comes 171 days - almost double the previous record - after September's election, in which they all lost significant ground.

The path was finally cleared for Chancellor Angela Merkel to revive the coalition of her Christian Democrats (CDU), her Bavarian-based allies the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the SPD after Social Democrat members voted to approve the deal two weeks ago.

Angela Merkel said what gifts were exchanged with Vladimir Putin.

The ceremony is scheduled for 2 pm local time in the Paul Loebe Building of the German government complex in the capital Berlin.

"I would first like to see a few steps and then we could talk about the sanctions issue, but they would have to be important steps", she said.

She said that "we need Europe - a Europe that shares the same values and acts together, particularly toward the outside world, and we. will make our contribution". The Social Democrats agreed to join the government only after lengthy internal wrangling.

"The fourth "grand coalition" in Germany didn't start as a marriage of love", said Scholz, the acting Social Democrat leader.

"That is the job we have and we will fulfill it".

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