Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Hours after being fired, emotional Tillerson tells his side of the story

Hours after being fired, emotional Tillerson tells his side of the story

"We disagreed on things", Trump said of Tillerson just after announcing the firing on Twitter.

He praised allies in noting "we exceeded the expectations of nearly everyone with the DPRK maximum pressure campaign", and said that "much work remains to establish a clear view of the nature of our future relationship with China".

As for Tillerson, he didn't mention Trump at all in a speech he gave about his impending departure.

Tillerson had joined Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in pressing a sceptical Trump to stick with the agreement with Iran and other world powers over Tehran's nuclear ambitions; and he has taken a more hawkish view than Trump on Russian Federation. "If the White House was a fraternity in an 80s movie, Rex Tillerson was the dean".

The move left some of Trump's staunchest defenders with mixed feelings.

Tillerson did not immediately comment, but Steve Goldstein, the Tillerson aide who was sacked, said Tillerson wanted to stay as secretary of State. Just recently, the USA president complained that there was too little progress in talks on reshaping the agreement.

"What is most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition during a time that the country continues to face significant policy and national security challenges", Tillerson said at the State Department.

In October, NBC news reported that Tillerson called the president a "moron," something Tillerson never actually denied. Tillerson never explicitly denied the account.

The decision ends a tumultuous tenure for Tillerson, who often seemed at odds with Trump or out of the loop altogether.

U.S. House intelligence committee Republicans concluded Monday that while the Kremlin definitely tried to interfere in the election and some Trump aides exercised some independent bad judgment on their ties to Russian Federation, there was no collusion or collaboration between Mr. Trump's campaign and Moscow. The fact that he represented moderate positions and sometimes contradicted the president - for example, when it came to North Korea and Iran - repeatedly angered Trump.

Tillerson had been responsible previous year for delaying the announcement of the administration's decision to initiate the crackdown on China's intellectual property abuses, arguing that it would hinder other diplomatic goals. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told reporters Tuesday, adding that he hopes the Senate will act swiftly to confirm Pompeo to the role. "I made that decision by myself". The president and Tillerson were reported to have disagreed on a number of key issues, including North Korea, moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the removal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement, and the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump specifically cited the Iran nuclear deal, which he wanted to pull the USA out of against Tillerson's recommendations. "We're always on the same wave length".

The President did not personally call Tillerson, and Goldstein said he did not know how the chief diplomat learned he had been fired.

President Donald Trump's choice to be the first female director of the CIA is a career spymaster who once ran an agency prison in Thailand where terror suspects were subjected to a harsh interrogation technique that the president has supported.

In picking Haspel to succeed Pompeo at the CIA, Trump opted for continuity rather than bringing in an outsider.

Former Wichita Congressman Mike Pompeo is poised to be the next USA secretary of state.

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