Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Google Search enables twitter like feature for U.S. musicians

Google Search enables twitter like feature for U.S. musicians

Google Posts are now opening up to well known musicians. Google is now giving musicians the space on the Search results to update their fans about all of their projects, new releases and latest news.

The folks on WebmasterWorld feel a bit skeptical about this but the truth is, it really isn't much different than what Google My Business owners can do with their Google Posts. You can now see some of these posts for artists like Sia, Lorde, Steve Aoki.

Google is initially rolling this feature out to select musicians in the pop and electronic dance music genres.

Google is expanding the functionality of the Knowledge Panel to allow musicians to post directly to their dedicated Search section. If it sounds a lot like Twitter, that's because it essentially is - right down to the verified blue checkmark that will let you know that posts are truly from the artist (or at least their permitted representatives).

Updates from musicians will appear within their respective Knowledge Panel, which typically shows up when the artist's name is searched for specifically.

The feature is live today for any musicians whose search result includes a Knowledge Panel already.

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