Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Google Duo gets a new 30-second Video message update

Google Duo gets a new 30-second Video message update

According to a report by Android Police, Google has added an option in the Google Contacts app that would allow its users to send money via Google Pay. A recent apk teardown had also indicated new incoming features for the Google Contacts app, and this seems to have arrived, at least for a user in Canada.

Similar to all calls made on Google Duo, video messages are also secure and end-to-end encrypted. Once you open a contact in the Contacts app, you will see a '$' sign amongst other options that will let you send money to that contact. You can preview your message before sending it or just tap send and you are done.

To play a video message received from another user, users need to simply tap their icon. A message will be available for 24 hours after playing it unless you download it.

Google Duo certainly draws the line before the common video calling apps, despite boasting nearly the same functionalities.

Starting today, Duo users can send a video message to their friend or family member, who will receive it in the app.

Tech giant Google on Monday announced the launch of a video messaging feature on its video messaging app - Google Duo. Even Send isn't functional for the tipster yet because he's in Canada and he doesn't have Google Pay installed, but if you use Google Pay for money transfers often, this should definitely come in handy when it makes its official debut. Google has itself designed the app keeping in mind these random and unplanned calls.

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