Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Divvy stations added to Apple Maps, a bike-sharing data app

Ito World, a company that enhances mobility data, signed off on the deal with Apple.

TechCrunch reported Monday that Apple's partnership with Ito World has enabled the tech giant to equip its Apple Maps app with bike-sharing data in 179 cities across 36 countries.

Once again, Apple chose to integrate an existing data set instead of putting together this data in-house.

To try the feature out for yourself, type "bike sharing" in the search field for the option to find out what's nearby. But now many people in more than 175 cities have easy access to bike-sharing data just by using the Apple Maps app.

Launched late a year ago, Ito World's bike share data feed is the first commercially available, global bike sharing data set provided as a single feed.

But it can be quite useful if you're traveling to another city and you want to ride a bike. The app previously contained limited information on bike-sharing services in a handful of cities. Apple Maps will be able to show you where bike-sharing docks are located but will not provide other information such as how many bikes are available or how many docks are now empty as well as can't provide you with information on dockless bike-sharing services. Some of the services now supported include Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, Santander Cycles in London, BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisbane, and nextbike in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, among many others.

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