Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Britain's Worst Grooming Scandal: 1000 Girls Beaten, Raped, Pimped Over 40 Years

Britain's Worst Grooming Scandal: 1000 Girls Beaten, Raped, Pimped Over 40 Years

She added: "There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities". Lucy Lowe was murdered in 2000 with her mother and sister, when her 26-year-old abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood set fire to their house.

"If you look at somewhere like Telford where abuse was going on for 40 years, if you were a police officer, and you started your career at the age of 25, and you retire at the age of 65, you've spent your entire career letting people down." he told the Daily Telegraph. I raised it with police when she died but nothing ever came of it.

'She began truanting. I tried my best to get her to school but I couldn't forcibly drag her there'. Why has he never been punished for it? She even gave birth to his child when she was 14. They told me he was prosecuted for the most serious crime. She told the Mirror that she was afraid that her family would be killed, like Lucy's, and that she should kill herself to find safety in death.

The 73-year-old said cops were called from an untraceable pay-as-you-go phone last week warning that the pensioner needed to "be careful". They are not discounting the possibility of another arson attack and were talking about installing a fireproof letterbox'.

A Sunday newspaper claimed this weekend that Lucy could be one of up to 1,000 victims of grooming or childhood sexual abuse in the Shropshire town over the past four decades - making it potentially one of the worst scandals of its kind in modern Britain. In one case, a mother took a list of people she believed to be abusing her daughter to the authorities, only for her complaints to fall on deaf ears, it has been reported.

Years later, a police investigation identified more than 100 potential victims, who were abused between 2007 and 2009, in an investigation called 'Operation Chalice.' Police said there could be as many as 200 perpetrators.

The newspaper said one schoolgirl became pregnant six times in four years.

Rebecca Watson was 13 when she died in March 2002 after falling from the bonnet of a vehicle near her youth club, in what driver Ahmed Nawaz claimed was a "prank" which went tragically wrong.

But the Mirror obtained the girl's diaries, where she talked about her two years of sexual abuse by an Asian grooming gang-since the age of 11.

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