Published: Mon, March 19, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

BJP govt pushed people into poverty: Chidambaram

BJP govt pushed people into poverty: Chidambaram

"But the people will never accept the same in the Congress party as they expect higher standards".

"Even if the two by-elections that we lost in Uttar Pradesh - and on which the CM of UP has graciously said that he has learned lessons learned from it - let us not forget that Congress has lost deposits in both seats (Gorakhpur and Phulpur). The people of this country will accept a man accused of murder as BJP president, but will never accept the same in Congress. BJP is voice of a organisation, while Congress is the voice of the nation".

The Congress moved in that direction, he said, whether it was with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, or countries such as China.

Gandhi alleged finance minister Arun Jaitley was silent on the bank scam as his daughter worked for diamond trader Nirav Modi who ran away with the country's Rs33,000 crore.

Representatives of the party have fought hard to keep the Congress ideology alive. "It is Congress Party which takes stand against injustice and raises it voice against it".

"This plenary's goal is to show the country and the Congress the way". Those who want to throw the very identity of the Congress party out of the country do not know how much people love them. They tell our farmers to work for nothing. The continuity of India's foreign policy has been disrupted by the BJP and Modi-led government. "My task is to be take them together", he said. "And this hand's strength is in all of you", Gandhi said. "It is the party which chooses to mock Hindus and Hindu rituals", she said in a press conference here. "No matter how powerful, no one can silence Congress from seeking justice for India, no one can silence Congress from speaking the truth", he said. She was addressing the 84th Congress Plenary Session.

The political resolution of the Congress talks of the need to revert to the old practice of paper ballot, saying there are misgivings on "misuse" of EVMs to "manipulate the outcome contrary to popular verdict", said media reports.

The resolution on "Agriculture, Employment and Poverty Alleviation", adopted at the party's 84th plenary here, also said that the party shall create a National Poverty Alleviation Fund while this 5 per cent cess would "be used directly to give education scholarships to the children from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other BPL families". The Congress party is all set to raise a road map for reversing its descending electoral journey over a two-day meet.

Recounting the several policy decisions taken by Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in its earlier regime, Sonia Gandhi said: "It really saddens me to see that the Modi government is weakening and neglecting all these programmes and schemes".

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