Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Based company reveals plans for 3D printing affordable homes

Based company reveals plans for 3D printing affordable homes

ICON can print an entire home for $10,000 and plans to bring costs down to $4,000 per house, whereas, some American homes, 200 to 400-square-feet in size cost almost $40,000. The charity's mission is to place people without adequate housing into a proper shelter, taking them away from the throes of "survival mode".

Austin startup ICON unveiled a new method of mass producing small homes with a massive 3D printer in a process that the company says takes just 12 to 24 hours. And now the price to build a home is coming down.

These homes aren't part of the "tiny house" movement and you won't see suburbs of these 3D houses popping up across America. The companies are targeting the end of 2018 for the first homes to be printed and expect to have the first 3D printed community completed by 2019.

"(ICON) believes, as do I, that 3D printing is going to be a method for all kinds of housing", New Story co-founder Alexandria Lafci said. ICON isn't just focused on building homes fast, but is aiming to make them extremely affordable as well.

New Story is also involved in urban planning, and can build homes around schools, play areas and employment opportunities. Within the office, the construction tech company plans to install air quality monitors and keep an eye on how the 3D printed structure looks and smells.

It showcased a prototype of this home at SXSW in Austin last week. However, by working alongside ICON, they now have access to the impressive Vulcan 3D printer. It will reduce labor costs and create minimal waste.

After solving the vast housing and homelessness problems that plague the Earth, Ballard hopes to use 3D printing to help humans build homes in outer space. "It's one of the more promising potential habitat technologies".

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