Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Android Wear could be re-branded as Wear OS soon

Android Wear could be re-branded as Wear OS soon

However, thanks to lackluster hardware that was released to debut Android Wear 2.0, the platform's kind of been in a rut for over a year now.

Anything you're hoping to see in Wear OS? An arbitrary renaming of a tech product is usually one of the first signs of a lack of faith in a concept. As noted by Android Headlines, there were more references to Wear OS in the beta APK, including referring to it as the "wearable service name", suggesting that a name change is incoming.

The new changes appeared after H3x0n installed the latest beta of Google Play services, so they're likely to appear for everyone who installs this beta version.

Google Play services beta hints at Android Wear rebrand to 'Wear OS'
Android Wear may rebrand to 'Wear OS' according to latest Google Play Services beta

Market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that Android Wear was virtually non-existent among the top five wearable manufacturers in the fourth quarter of 2017 - even Chinese electronics company Huawei got to fifth place primarily through its fitness trackers - not its Android wristwear.

Although the rebrand is now just a rumor, it's becoming a bit of a trend for Google with its Android products.

Instead if devices are under the Wear OS name, it makes it far more palatable for those with iPhones and want to have a different device to the Apple Watch. Whatever the reason for the apparent stagnation in the Android Wear ecosystem, it appears that Google is looking to shake things up-starting with a rebranding of the OS to 'Wear OS'.

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