Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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'American Idol': Judge new judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

'American Idol': Judge new judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

I thought I was going to be the authority... but, no, no, I am the Kindergarten teacher. A rather unassuming figure in jeans and t-shirt, he had a chill manner to match, but he quickly won over judge Luke Bryan.and judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie to follow.

America Idol is officially back. And there's also Christina Jones, an 18-year-old who should be commended for her audition.

Catie, a 17-year-old high school student from Langhorne, PA, sang an original song on her guitar called "21st Century Machine". Put that song on the radio today. "She was always interested in music, I just saw that spark in her and just kept pushing her in that direction", Dennis Raghunandan said. The panel was so completely charmed that Katy Perry issued an advance golden ticket for 2026, allowing Dixie through to Hollywood.

Ron Bultongex, 21, Plano, Texas. I remind myself and I'm reminded and I'm inspired by all of their stories. After a commercial break, however, Lionel offers Ron a stay of execution and changes his vote to a yes.

Glaze got a second chance and, this time, Perry surprised him by turning around for a quick kiss on the lips.

There, they will face another round of auditions and eliminations. You heard it here first.

Noah Davis brought his love of alpacas and his wig-based lexicon to his audition.

Perry said that while she is blunt and "very cut and dry" when it comes to critiquing the contestants, she has a line she refuses to cross.

Koby is 26 years old from Denver, Colorado, and is a theater performer. Luke, you need to remember that his story doesn't make him a good singer either.

On this Sunday night's two-hour debut, it's time to get to what we are here for - the open auditions. She seems to be screaming more than singing. "Come here, Benjamin. Come here right now!" she said. And this girl argues. She gets rejected tonight, but honestly, what a throughline that would be! The banter, the bartering, and the competition between the judges consistently overtake the proceedings on "The Voice", and even Kelly Clarkson [VIDEO] voiced reservations about the 2018 incarnation of the competition that she took in the first year, going head-to-head with her current station on "The Voice". And she writes her own music. Hollywood, here she comes.

Layla Spring 16, Marion County, KY. She sings Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" and the judges are mesmerized by the voice coming out of this kid. "I think you're really sweet". I'd give the audition about a C- but I do really like her. Katy announces that Harper is "kind of like a dream for Hollywood to carve out", which sounds more menacing than complimentary, to be honest.

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