Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Alabamians owed $18 million by IRS: Are you on the list?

Alabamians owed $18 million by IRS: Are you on the list?

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The survey found that the overall state and local tax rate takes 14.89-percent of the income of an IL resident who has the median USA household income or $8,299 a year.

Victims are told they owe money to the IRS and must pay right away to avoid arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or driver's license.

Of course, you won't be paid a refund if you don't file.

Choosing e-file and direct deposit for refunds remains the fastest and safest way to file an accurate income tax return and receive a refund.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there was a 40% decline in taxpayers reporting they were victims of identity theft from 2016 to 2017, presumably thanks in part to IRS security awareness campaigns for both tax professionals and taxpayers, and additional security measures put in place. Generally, Americans have three years to file a past return before their refund money becomes property of the U.S. Treasury.

For those people who failed to file their return for 2014, this is the last filing season you can still do so and get your refund if one is owed.

A part-time data entry clerk stole tax returns she was working on and used the information to file fraudulent tax returns requesting large refunds.

If this notice applies to you, there a few things to consider.

A new twist is getting those refunds sent to the correct person, but then threatening the taxpayer by phone into returning the refunds - forwarding the money to the scammer, sometimes as gift cards.

"You can establish a SEP for 2017 in 2018, as long as you do it before your 2017 filing return deadline", Machen said.

CT took the runner-up position for highest local and state taxes, while Alaska had the lowest at just 5.67-percent of a median U.S. Household income.

"You can't necessarily monitor tax ID fraud, because of the fact that so much of our information is out there", says Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at

IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by telephone. Surprisingly, they still direct the refunds into the victim's own bank account. If unable to do so, you can also order a free wage and income transcript at using the Get Transcript Online tool.

Now is prime time for tax identity theft, as millions of individuals file their personal tax returns leading up to the April 17 filing deadline.

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