Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Activists say President Trump not welcome at the border

Activists say President Trump not welcome at the border

Among those gathered at the park was Democratic U.S. Congressman Juan Vargas, whose district covers the entire California-Mexico border.

Some residents in the San Diego and Los Angeles areas reportedly plan to protest Trump's visit.

While details of the Trump visit remain clouded in secrecy, he is scheduled to attend an evening fundraiser for his reelection campaign when he visits California for the first time in his presidency and Los Angeles police and sheriff's officials are ready for spontaneous protests.

During his visit, Trump will first go to San Diego, where he plans to personally inspect eight border wall prototypes.

Gov. Jerry Brown is inviting President Donald Trump to come to California's Central Valley while he is in the state to view border wall prototypes this week.

"You have lamented that "we don't have one fast train" in our country". "We have a world-class train system under construction. Quite the opposite. California thrives because we welcome immigrants and innovators from across the globe".

The project, however, provides a potential opportunity for cooperation between Democrat Brown and Republican Trump, who has publicly expressed his admiration for high-speed rail lines in other countries. "We are already putting 1,700 Americans to work". The two sides have been at odds over recent months because of a variety of contentious issues.

A study from the Center for Immigration Studies found that the $18 billion price tag for the wall along the USA southern border could be covered if the US curbed the importation of drugs, crime, and poverty-particularly among illegal aliens who tend to go on the federal government dole.

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