Published: Mon, February 05, 2018
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Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Drops During Super Bowl LII

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Drops During Super Bowl LII

We can only hope that a promised Monday trailer will answer more questions before this film reaches movie theaters on May 28, 2018 (Memorial Day in the United States).

Whatever production problems have occurred during its making, I am now more than ever confident that this will be no turkey. There has been plenty of chatter lately as to why the marketing material has not surfaced as of yet because Disney/Lucasfilm usually work way in advance when it comes to Star Wars products.

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard took over the project and masterfully built hype through posting tiny set teases to his Twitter account. We start at the beginning, with another regional accent (Australian) and a query to a young would-be smuggler of what he wants to do with his life. Back in 2016, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy drew ire from some critics for saying the studio wanted to bring in a woman to direct Star Wars but wanted to make sure they had experience. The character originally played by Harrison Ford is seen training as a pilot for the Empire and saying he will eventually be "the best in the galaxy".

There's a definite air of pace, action, adventure, love and plenty of nods to a four decade past. This Sunday, alongside pulse-raising kicks and the deafening cheering of passionate football fans, you'll be witness to the premiere of several epic trailers for this year's most highly-anticipated films and television shows. Brief glimpses are provided of a shiny Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian and a new type of TIE Fighter.

So naysayers - what say you now? The teaser trailer, which is the trailer for the trailer, is the first port of call. But WHAT a teaser! He entered the Imperial academy only to be kicked out when he saved his new friend, Chewbacca the Wookiee, from being whipped by another officer. And then there's the moment between Han and Chewie. This is the second standalone movie in the Star Wars franchise.

Unbelievable teaser. New droids, new planets, new friends, new foes. We see a pretty good idea of the worldbuilding put in place by the characters and what we can expect to be a story that revolves around the infamous Kessel Run. The first trailer was released on April 7th, 2016 and the film itself was released on December 10th.

Parker: I've been anxious about this film and I'm not sure they understand who the character is.

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