Published: Fri, February 02, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Race with Mario: Nintendo to develop Mario Kart for iOS, Android

Race with Mario: Nintendo to develop Mario Kart for iOS, Android

That's right, the best-selling racing game series will soon be made available to smartphone-users as a mobile application, with Mario Kart Tour. "#MarioKartTour releasing in the fiscal year ending in March 2019", Nintendo of America tweeted. The new game, called Mario Kart Tour, will be available for both iOS and Android phones. Nintendo is yet to announce the title's exact release date that will fall on a date within April 2018 to March 2019.

Following the footsteps of "Super Mario Run", a couple of popular titles have also been released to the mobile phone market by Nintendo.

Fans of the video game franchise are now monitoring updates from Nintendo regarding "Mario Kart Tour" and its content.

The arrival of Mario Kart is part of a larger push by Nintendo to embrace smartphones after years of shunning the devices in favor of its own platforms.

The cult series first appeared in 1992 with the SNES game Super Mario Kart. "The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near".

Sadly, no details on what exactly the game will entail have been shared by Nintendo, but the franchise is one of the company's biggest.

The company released two more games after Mario's debut: the role-playing game Fire Emblem Heroes and social game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Over 7.33 million "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" units for the Nintendo Switch were sold worldwide. "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is a direct port of its older, Wii U version, which has sold an additional eight million copies.

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