Published: Tue, February 06, 2018
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As Much As We Want It, That Crocodile Dundee Reboot Isn't Happening

As Much As We Want It, That Crocodile Dundee Reboot Isn't Happening

"This isn't a movie".

"@Australia has finally made another decent tourism ad 34 years after Paul Hogan slipped another shrimp on the barbie, and he's in this one too", tweeted @scottyAKing from Australia. But Tourism Australia believes the numbers could be increased.

Tourism Australia's marketing campaign cost 28 million USA dollars, a figure that tourism operators believe was worth it.

Hemsworth, who spent part of his childhood on cattle stations and remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, said he fondly remembered the original Crocodile Dundee as "an incredible showcase of the country".

A key focus of the $50m package is to leverage and grow worldwide tourism to create demand and build awareness for premium Australian wine, which assistant minister for agriculture and water resources Anne Ruston said is one of Australia's most important industries.

Official ratings for the U.S. telecast confirm the ad was broadcast to an audience of 103.4 million viewers, with an additional 2.6m people watching NBC's coverage (including commercials) the network's website and app. This campaign puts the spotlight on contemporary Australia and we hope it inspires Americans to discover the beauty and sophistication of our wine regions and try some exceptional Australian wine. The ABC reports over 750,000 American tourists visited Australia previous year, spending a combined $3.7 billion on their trips.

"As an immensely proud Aussie, my goal was for Droga5 to create an audacious, outlandish tourism campaign that only Australia would have the guts to pull off. We are very excited to be helping the world get to know the Australia we have all come to know and love at UM", said Daryl Lee, UM Global CEO.

There is another Australian who could be a contender for a new Crocodile Dundee, actress Rebel Wilson.

FORGET those Marvel heroes - the next big screen battle could be Australia's Great White Shark taking on Crocodile Dundee, if Greg Norman has anything to do with it. The 60-second commercial began as a typical movie trailer and ultimately revealed itself to be a plug for Australia's destinations, food and wine.

"I think its incredibly refreshing, really clever and it uses iconic brands as well as celebrities really well".

Russel Crowe, Australia's most famous Kiwi, who starred as media mogul JP Steele in a teaser trailer, came out in support of the campaign and those involved.

"They've taken the bait perfectly".

The Super Bowl isn't just a spectacular sporting event but also a big day for movie fans to get a first look at footage for their favorite franchises, like the much-anticipated Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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