Published: Mon, January 01, 2018
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USA man almost decapitated girlfriend with samurai sword in Houston killing

USA man almost decapitated girlfriend with samurai sword in Houston killing

Based on blood splatter evidence, it appears that Lockings held the sword with both hands and used enough force to almost behead Jernigan, according to ABC 13.

Police investigating a "cutting in progress" on Wednesday evening (Thursday NZ Time) found 36-year-old Aracely Jernigan dead in the living room of a Houston home. Investigators reported seeing a travel bag filled with women's clothes near the door that made it appear as though Jernigan was leaving.

Family members found Lockings at the scene and helped him turn himself into police.

Lockings' sister and father tried to visit the home earlier Wednesday, KTRK-TV reported, but he refused to let them in. But once Lockings Sr. made it inside, he reportedly saw the body.

An elderly woman who identified herself as Lockings' grandmother said he had stopped by her house for coffee earlier in the day.

The grandmother went on to reveal Lockings having received his samurai sword as a Thanksgiving present.

It was not immediately clear what led to the slashing.

Neighbors said that Lockings was known to have mental issues.

This will not be Lockings' first felony.

Lockings has a lengthy criminal history including multiple drug arrests, court records show. The Chronicle reports that he had been charged with familial assault in 2009, a charge that was dismissed after Lockings was convicted of cocaine possession.

He is being held without bond in the Harris County jail on a murder charge and federal parole revocation.

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