Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Books are burning in first Fahrenheit 451 film teaser

Books are burning in first Fahrenheit 451 film teaser

Sofia Boutella will also star as Clarisse, an informant "caught between the competing interests", and Lilly Singh will play Raven, "a tabloid reporter who works with the fire department to spread the ministry's propaganda by broadcasting its book-burning raids to fans".

"HBO Films presents Fahrenheit 451".

"I was really excited to find this script", Cherne said in a recent interview about the January 21 ATP production at The Brickhouse.

"We started working on this a year before the election and politically", explained Bahrani, "things are [now] going in a very odd direction, and it's been going in that direction for awhile".

As usual, the Alternative Truth Project production of "Fahrenheit 451" will be a readers theater presentation, which means there will likely be no set decoration, props or costumes, and limited physical movement.

"I don't want to focus so much on [Trump] because I don't want to excuse the 30, 40 years prior to that". Director/EP Bahrani also co-wrote the script with Amir Naderi.

"We are electing this thing in my pocket", Bahrani said, pulling out his smartphone.

"Jordan ("Black Panther", "Creed", "Fruitvale Station") and Michael Shannon ("The Shape of Water", HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"; Oscar® nominee for "Nocturnal Anmals" and Revolutionary Road") star in HBO Films' FAHRENHEIT 451. Between the technological advancements in the last 20 years and politics, Bradbury's biggest concern about the erosion of culture is now. "One of the things in the film is storing knowledge, books in DNA". There was no reason to put it in the future; it's just [set in] a odd tomorrow. "How do you take Bradbury's themes - some were so prophetic - it wouldn't be hard to start to manipulate and control what's happening on the internet", he noted.

Bradbury was very concerned about...

"Will we actually get ahead of the dam, or will it just be a flood and up to some other generation to bring back all of Bradbury's heroes?" He thought all that would destroy concepts of thinking, reading and knowledge.

"We're all guilty of just reading the headlines", the director concluded. In the movie, it's Sofia's character who says that to Michael. As soon as we have a specific release date, we'll let you know.

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