Published: Thu, December 14, 2017
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Twist in Bigg Boss Evictions; Voting trend for nominated inmates this week

Twist in Bigg Boss Evictions; Voting trend for nominated inmates this week

Vikas hurled abuses at Priyank during the luxury budget task and Priyank did not want to lose the golden opportunity. Hina Khan takes him out and explains that what he is doing is wrong. Ben posted a picture with Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta and wrote, "VIKAS GUPTA YOU FAAAACKIN BEAUTAAAAYYYYYYY!" Priyank calls Vikas's nickname (guchigu) while dancing in the bikini.

Akash and Vikas got into an argument after the later intervened in Akash' fight with Shilpa.

Hina is singing in the shower when Hiten and Priyank decide to have some fun outside in the washroom area.

This weeks luxury task the contestants are divided into two teams Robots and Karamchari.

However, Vikas gets upset with Priyank for lying about Benafsha. He also says Benafasha told him that Vikas had suggested they should have a love angle. Priyank and Hina take on Vikas, who is the robot.

To instigate Arshi, Priyank orders Akash to perform some tasks like just standing, sleeping, going in the pool, thereby making fun of Arshi that how she follows Vikas' orders blindly and she does not use her own brain. She says he entered the show to become famous, like his mother wanted. They called her the most fake personality and how she fakes everything in the house. This idea of Hina Khan's eam backfired them and they lost the game. While Vikas tries to say that it was only a work, the Aakash appealed for the Vikash of those words which they used for themselves. Hina and Priyank kept grilling Vikas and gave their best to make him angry. Hina brings in Karan Patel - the actor who has been questioning Hina on social media.

Then, it's time to make the four of the contestants, cry. But one wonders whether he deliberately did that to make team Vikas win.

PLUS the Appy Fizz Caller of the week in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode also spilled the beans of how Hiten actually saved Shilpa in Arshi's stead. The first emotion that they have to elicit is anger. Priyank attacks Vikas from the start talking about how he acts all sensitive about sexuality when he's the one who is always talking about sexuality.

After the task ends, Bigg Boss asks Puneesh about the result. Priyank apologises but Vikas is in no mood to forgive.

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