Published: Sat, October 07, 2017
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Hurricane warnings issued for Louisiana and Alabama coasts ahead of Nate

Hurricane warnings issued for Louisiana and Alabama coasts ahead of Nate

According to NHC, Tropical Storm Nate is now expected to make landfall along the Gulf Coast early Sunday morning as either a tropical storm or hurricane.

"Track timing and intensity is still yet to be determined, but the Gulf coast from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle must closely monitor forecast updates and think about preparations as a strengthening tropical storm or hurricane may impact these areas on Sunday", Dean said.

Nate will move back over the northwest Caribbean Sea early Friday and then cross over the northeastern tip of the Yucatan of Mexico Friday night.

At least three other refineries were preparing to continue operation through Nate, sources familiar with plant operations said Thursday. In about 24 hours, it will be approaching the Yucatan Peninsula, and is forecast to be a Category 1 hurricane in the central Gulf of Mexico by Saturday afternoon.

Tropical Storm Nate formed on the morning of Thursday 5 October in the southwestern Caribbean.

A hurricane warning is now in effect from Grand Isla, the Alabama/Florida border.

Louisiana's governor said Nate is forecast to move quickly, rather than stall and drop tremendous amounts of rain on the state.

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A state of emergency was declared for 29 Florida counties and the city of New Orleans, devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"How much Nate is able to strengthen once it hits those warm waters depends a lot on how intact the center of the storm can maintain as it traverses land", said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller. Landrieu said he has been in contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Louisiana National Guard to discuss how to keep residents safe.

New Orleans officials outlined steps to bolster the city's pump and drainage system, which revealed weaknesses during summer flash floods.

A state of emergency has been declared in the Central American nations, where more than 20 people are missing. "Anyone who's taken this storm lightly is making a serious mistake".

The company said it has removed all staff and shut oil and natural gas production at the Horn Mountain platform and would do the same at the Marlin platform on Friday.

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