Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Medicine | By Douglas Stevenson

Cubs Enjoy Brunch, Football Games at Wrigley Field Sunday

Cubs Enjoy Brunch, Football Games at Wrigley Field Sunday

John Loos, 60, was hit in the eye by a foul ball during an Aug game at the Cubs' home stadium Wrigley Field, where he was seated close to the field, according to his attorneys.

He is seeking $50,000 in damages and claims his injury could have been prevented.

The complaint was filed in Cook County Circuit Court on Friday.

Loos said he may have to replace his left eye with a prosthesis. He's undergone three surgeries in an attempt to save it, he said at a news conference Monday, the Associated Press reported.

An Illinois man is suing the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball for a foul ball injury at Wrigley Field. At one point during the August 29 game, a line-drive foul ball went into the stands and slammed into Loos's face.

There have been a series of incidents of fan injuries, leading to calls for more protection for spectators at Major League Baseball (MLB) games.

But Loos said Major League Baseball should do more to protect fans.

The lawsuit pointed this out, arguing if the Cubs had extended its protective netting to the far-end of its dugouts like, for example, the St. Louis Cardinals has, then Loos would not have been injured.

The Cubs did not comment, citing the pending lawsuit.

After the girl was hit in New York, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said MLB had in recent seasons worked with teams to expand netting in ballparks and would "redouble our efforts on this important issue".

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